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Aqua Viva is a cleaning system by Aqua Viva Systems designed to be controlled via modern Bluetooth device.

View and replace the filter status of your AquaViva purifier.
Order accessories via your app.
Full weather report that syncs to any chosen city.


  • create a mobile app for iOS and Android platform
  • connect Aqua Viva peripheral device to user's smartphone
  • use a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to control the peripheral device's functions
  • retrieve data from device and present it in a creative way

User experience & design

We design mobile apps with usability in mind. The process consisted of using several techniques including surveying end users and wireframing the app before starting to touch on the design to provide a intuitive app. Client was interested in providing their users with an innovative solution to give users an easier accessibility of functionality, statistics, instructions and enable easier communication. After a few iterations we've come to a beautiful design with proved usability.


For development we've used a Ionic framework to provide a consistency through all the different screen sizes and platform versions available.

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