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Time management is a hot topic these days and a necessity for everyone from freelancers to large companies.

Understanding and using all the gathered data in a productive and intuitive way is a big challenge.

(Still in development)

Easily create a contract with a desired collaborator.
Client Analysis - View produced gross margin and turnover rates and see which client is the most profitable for your company.


Create a custom SASS system, which helps operations managers to overview the gathered time management data and get a better understanding of it plus manage projects and personnel by using an intuitive user interface. Create a reports with statistics for produced turnover, produced gross margin etc., all complicated entities, and present them in an simplistic and illustrative way.


We approached this project with great care and implemented a multi-tenant system to help provide simpler and more robust system to build on. Security was a top priority.
Special measures were also taken to make our code base as extendible and maintainable as possible for future upgrades. 

Some of the main modules consisted of:

  • multi tenant database system with user management
  • creating and adjusting settings for new entities
  • project management connected with external service via API
  • contracts management system
  • clients management 
  • reporting and analysis filtered by date connecting and displaying all the valuable data in a beneficial way to quickly understand the presented data even through a non-expert eyes

Testing functionality manually can be a time costly nuisance so we've implemented a range of unit and integration tests to help with the stability of production code.


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